The National Motorhome & Campervan Show A-Z

Accident/Incident Procedure: All incidents involving injury or potential injury to persons or property occurring during the course of the event period, including the build-up and break-down, must be reported immediately to the Organisers (Warners Group Publications Plc). Where such incidents are notified full details must be supplied (i.e. date, time, location, nature of incident), together with name(s) and address (es) of all those involved including witnesses and first aiders. Photographic, plans or video evidence must also be provided where available.

Accommodation: We use a hotel booking service called ‘’ (01775 843414).

Aerial Displays and Fireworks: Kite flying, lighter than air balloons and fireworks are not permitted.

Amplified Sound: You are not permitted to use amplified sound without written permission from the organiser.

Banks: There are no banking facilities on site.

Banners: are only permitted with prior permission and are chargeable.

Bar Facilities: will be available onsite, see Show Guide for details.

BBQ’s: These must be raised above ground level, fires of any kind are prohibited.  Adequate fire-fighting equipment must be provided for your exhibit a standard.

Booking Procedure: 25% deposit to secure your stand followed by 75% balance payable 8weeks prior to the show. Failure to meet these payment terms WILL result in your stand becoming available for re-sale. Payment of the invoice acts as confirmation of booking and that you agree to abide by our terms and conditions – copy of this can be found on our Stand Request page on our website. If you do have any queries with this then please give your Account Executive a call..

Breakdown: Do not dismantle / pack away / take down any part of your stand prior to the show closing each evening. Our visitors pay for a full day viewing of stands. Failure to comply with this request may result in future bookings being refused.

Camping on site: We have specific camping areas for trade and the cost for the weekend is £10 plus vat for the first pass £20 for each individual one after that. We do not advise exhibitors to stay overnight on their stands, if you do so please advise the organisers or security in case of fire. If you are staying behind your stand not within your ‘paid for area’ because there is space available you must still purchase an overnight camping pass. If you choose to camp in the trade area you do so at your own risk because this area can become very tight.

Cash Point: See Show Guide for details. Peterborough has a permanent cash machine on site.

Caterers: All caterers are provided by the venue.

Counterfeit Goods: If counterfeit goods are discovered at the show, the exhibitor responsible will be immediately excluded from all future Warners Shows.

Day Car Park for Exhibitors: Do not park/abandon vehicles in the camping fields, these are marked out to regulated sizes. Please use the designated day visitor car park outside the day gate, the day gate will be open from 8am for entry into the trade area.

Deliveries: Please ensure you are at the show to accept deliveries. Warners will not accept or sign for any deliveries for a trader and may be turned away.

Demonstrations: Please ensure that if you are doing a demonstration of any kind you MUST inform the Organisers in writing, and where appropriate enclose a copy of your Public Liability insurance, risk assessment and method statement.

Dogs: We ask that dogs are kept on a lead whilst on site. Please clean up after your pet and do not leave unattended.

Electricity: Electricity will be laid onto stands, as ordered and available from 5pm on Wednesday. If you arrive after 5pm to set up then please be aware you may need to wait until the next morning for a connection. Should call outs be necessary during the show due to overloading these will be charged to the exhibitor. All electrics will be turned off at 5pm after the close of show on Sunday. Sockets are supplied as requested and sharing sockets without permission is prohibited and extremely dangerous. Please note if you do not order and pay for electricity prior to the event we cannot guarantee a supply can be provided once at the show.Electrical equipment needs to be PAT tested.

Elsan Points: See Show Guide for locations.

Emergency procedure: Warners Shows have an emergency procedure policy. Should an emergency occur please follow our instructions.

Emergency phone numbers: We have 24/7 emergency, fire, first aid and security on site. Their contact details will be listed in the Show Guide

Entertainment: Your trade pass will gain entry into Entertainment marquees/buildings. However, Saturday evening entertainment is by a separate ticket which must be purchased prior to the performance. Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis. Any exhibitor holding entertainment in marquees should obtain an Entertainment License and Performing Rights License from the local authorities. All music must be finished by 11pm to comply with regulations laid down by the Local Environmental Health.

Equipment: Exhibitors will be held responsible for any items hired from Warners contractors left on stands. Losses will be invoiced.

Fencing: Will be erected at some events around the trade area. Please do not undo the fencing or erect banners.

Fire Extinguishers: All exhibitors must provide appropriate fire extinguishers (minimum one) on their stand.

First Aid: See Show Guide for location and contact details.

Flying Lanterns: Due to health and safety reasons these products are not permitted to be sold at any of Warners events.

Food (Fast food/restaurant) See Show Guide for locations and details.

Fresh Water: As shown on the site map in the Show Guide.

Gas: Available during exhibition opening hours, refer to the Show Guide for location.

Generators: All generators must be of a silent type and enclosed. Should any generator cause a problem to other exhibitors in the way of noise or fumes, the organiser will ask for that exhibitor running the generator to purchase an electric point, chargeable to the stand. Site generators are used at some shows to provide the electricity for traders and 24 hour emergency services and will run 24/7 throughout the show. Please be aware you may have one situated behind your stand.

Grass Cuttings: If you cut the grass on your stand we ask that you bag it up and dispose of it correctly.

Insurance: We hold general public liability insurance for the whole Showground for the duration of the show, but you must take out cover to insure your vehicles and your own exhibits. All exhibitors must ensure they are properly insured to exhibit.

Land Condition: Warners will work with each venue prior to the event to make every effort to ensure the condition of land is suitable, each venue has their own contingency plans. We would ask that when the weather is particularly bad, you do make extra provisions for your stand. Straw, bark chippings and stone are limited on venues so please ask if you are unsure.

Loading/Unloading: Loading and unloading of vehicles should be supervised at all times. Vehicle loaders are not permitted in the exhibition area.

Leaflets: You are allowed to give out leaflets from your stand only. It is not permitted anywhere else at the venue.

Organisers’ Mobile: Sally Dodds 07831 775450, Darren Webb 07788 144535, Emma Knowles 07825 033996, Sarah Hubbard 07825 624816, Aimee Thompson 07526 171079 or Scott Johnson 07795 114043.


Exhibitor: These are limited based on the size of your stand. If these are inadequate please speak to your Account executive as further tickets can be purchased at a discounted day visitor rate.

Camping: See Camping on Site section

Service passes: Must be requested prior to the show and full insurance indemnity to be supplied to Warners Shows.

Playing Of Music On Stands: Please obtain the relevant Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) Licenses. For contact details on this, please contact your Account Executive.

Private Sales: We do not allow private sales in the rally fields or day visitor car park. As a trader, if a private vehicle is sold from your stand, please advise the purchaser accordingly.

Products to be Exhibited: If a product is for sale on your stand without prior consent from the organisers, we reserve the right to ask you to remove it.

Risk Assessment: Exhibitors where applicable must provide us with copies of their Risk Assessment and Method Statements. All contractors and sub-contractors must provide you with copies of their Risk Assessment, Method Statements and Health and Safety checks. Please note organisers may request to see a copy at any time.

Scooters/bikes/trikes: If selling scooters please display a notice to say ‘The organisers of the show do not permit anyone to ride a scooter without the relevant license and insurance being in place (even when test driving)’. Also we insist a helmet is worn. We would ask traders who use scooters and motorbikes to adhere to this also. Please note that under no circumstances are any bikes/trikes or any other types of vehicles to be demonstrated or ridden in the aisles or on roadways during the exhibitions opening hours.

Security: The main gate will be manned 24 hours from the Monday prior to the show until the Tuesday 5pm after the show. We would recommend that you take out cover to insure all vehicles, take out any radios etc. and have your own security on stands in the evening.

Service Engineer: We will either have a service engineer on site or a list of traders able to do servicing. Please visit the Information Office for more information.

Shop: There is a shop on site selling essential items, location as shown in the Show Guide.

Show Guide: Please collect from security upon arrival.

Show Guide Entry: Please can you ensure you complete this form, which can be found online 6 weeks before the show make sure your FREE 20 worded entry goes in.

Stands: Must comply to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 Under the Health & Safety legislation, exhibitors and their main contractors are responsible for all activities that take place on their stand throughout the event and any actions that could affect others not on their stand. This includes providing risk assessments and method statements as well as the briefing, communicating to and controlling of all their sub-contractors who work on their stand.
Prices – All goods, including food and drink for immediate consumption, must have a price or unit price related to them which should not be misleading.

Storage of Inflammable Liquids and/or Gas: The storage in the Exhibition area of inflammable liquids and/or gas by Exhibitors will not allowed. Exhibitors may have for their own use two cylinders of gas but must ensure the satisfactory storage and operation. Those wishing to make special arrangements for the storage of inflammable liquids or gas should apply to Warners Group Publications (Exhibition Dept.) in writing prior to the event to which the application relates. All gas supplies and inflammable materials must be kept secured to avoid theft or misuse.

Subletting: subletting of trade stands not permitted.

Toxic Fumes: No person may carry out any act which will cause toxic fumes.

Tools/Demonstrations: A demonstration is allowed for education or sales promotion purposes. Potential customers wishing to use the equipment must be under competent supervision at all times and the necessary protective clothing/equipment worn. Special awareness is needed for each particular type of equipment. Working demonstrations with powered equipment will be allowed providing written authority is obtained from Warners Group Publications Plc. Exhibition Department prior to the event. Special fencing will be required and evidence of the competence of the demonstrator will be necessary.
All demonstrators are to hold Public Liability Insurance.

Tracked Areas: Vehicles must not be left on tracked roadways from 5pm Sunday evening. Move them to the holding area. The tracking will be taken up on Monday morning.

Trading Standards: Trading standard officers visit all shows and exhibitions. These visits are made to ensure compliance with all legislation assigned to their Department. The Showground’s do expect traders who attend the Shows and exhibitions to co-operate fully with these officers and comply with the laws which they enforce.

Vacating the Showground: A FINANCIAL PENALTY will be incurred if the showground is not cleared, including exterior areas, by the Tuesday (after the show) at 5pm. The showground will impose a charge of £15,000 plus VAT for any day or part day thereafter, payable by the exhibitor.


We recommend that all vehicles being exhibited are fitted with chocks, to stop any unwanted movement/rolling.
No movement of vehicles is allowed on the Exhibition area whilst the show is in progress.
Maximum speed limited apply onsite – please adhere these onsite. The number of persons riding on any vehicle must not exceed the number of seats in vehicle.
Vehicles in Exhibition Halls / Cattle Sheds: Any vehicle used for exhibition and demonstration purposes must have full fuel tanks for petrol and at least half full diesel tanks, with the battery disconnected where applicable. These will be checked upon during setup. Please note, there is a height restriction in the ‘cattle shed’ (The National Motorhome Show, Peterborough), of 11’ 9”.

Wash Area: There will be an area allocated to wash down your vehicles, see security or an organiser for exact location. Do not wash vehicles on your stand or within the exhibition area. Do not leave vehicles unattended or causing an obstruction to others at the wash area. Once washed remove immediately to ease congestion.

Waste: Where possible we encourage recycling. Hazardous waste must be taken away with exhibitors – this includes discarded batteries. If you are using contractors it is your responsibility to make them aware of this. A charge will be levied against the exhibitor for any waste not cleared.