Family Tree Live – Marketing

The Family Tree brand has a reach of over 70,000. Coupled with our partners’ engaged audiences, and a marketing campaign across a variety of brands
and locations, the show will be promoted to every family historian and enthusiast within the UK. In addition, local and London Transport advertising will promote the event to
beginners and newcomers to the hobby.


In Partnership with the Federation of Family History Societies
Established in 1974, the Federation of Family History Societies now number more than 170 member societies from places all over the globe.
Many of the societies represent counties (or states, overseas) while others are for specialist subject areas and one-name studies.
At Family Tree Live a range of family history societies from across the country will help to bring visitors specialist family history knowledge, providing you with that local knowledge you need to find out more about your families.

Find out more about the FFHS on the website: 



Warners Exhibitions produces seventeen events a year across multiple hobbies. The team are experienced at not only launching new events but also maintaining highvisitor numbers at annual exhibitions throughout the UK. 90% of the events team are long standing employees with a minimum of ten years’ service in the events industry.

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