Tabletop Gaming Live

The event you’ve all been waiting for…

This two-day event will take place in London on Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th, 2018.

We are very excited to announce Tabletop Gaming Live, a brand-new gaming show run by the team behind Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames magazines.
Every genre and style of tabletop gaming will be represented, from board games and card games to miniatures, wargames and RPGs.


Tabletop Gaming Live is very much going to be a mixture of vendor and game play events. The show is all about giving the consumer the best experience possible through lots of different games to sit and play from publishers that are new and different to them. It’s the chance to play games that are new to the market hence the timing of the show between Gencon and Essen. But with the added element of being able to buy and pickup games through the various retailers. We will also have a full programme of seminars on throughout the day from how to design your first game, talks with designers etc.


Tabletop Gaming Live will be the first place in the UK for the public to see some of the hottest games revealed at Gen Con in early-August. It will also provide an opportunity for people to play the most talked-about upcoming releases before Essen Spiel takes place in October.
It will be a show for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated Magic: The Gathering or X-Wing collector, Warhammer 40,000 or Malifaux miniature wargamer, Dungeons & Dragon roleplaying adventurer, or someone who just enjoys a light-hearted round of Sushi Go!


With so many great reasons to visit the show, we are confident that we will receive large visitor numbers over the weekend. We have a detailed plan in place to market Tabletop Gaming Live through multiple channels and affiliates.
We want you there and we can offer a range of exciting and competitive packages providing
everything from exhibition space to cross-media marketing opportunities and sponsorship deals.
Tabletop Gaming Live will be a great opportunity to connect with your customers, present and sell your latest products or to stage a big UK launch!


Tabletop Gaming Live will be held in London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. The atmospheric venue, which is in a ‘no congestion charge’ zone, is easily accessible from the A1, M25 and A406 and offers many benefits, such as secure exhibitor parking.
Alexandra Palace is easy to get to for visitors in the city and those coming from around the rest of the UK and abroad, with close-by public transport links.

Alexandra PalaceAlly Pally aerial view


Warners Group Publications produce over 30 consumer and b2b magazine titles and websites. In addition, the publisher’s exhibitions department has 28 years of experience organising some of the leading indoor and outdoor shows in their respective markets.
We have forged a great partnership with Alexandra Palace through the many successful Warners events that have been held there over the years.
We are looking forward to fusing our passion for tabletop gaming and our expertise in exhibition planning to bring you the best tabletop gaming event in the UK!


  1. 10,000 sqm of interlinking rooms, seminar, workshop and networking areas.
  2. FREE parking including secure exhibitor parking.
  3. Located in a no congestion charge zone, with easy access from the A1, M25 and A406.
  4. Excellent transport links into Central London and surrounding counties.
  5. Ground level build up and breakdown accessibility.
  6. Outdoor space and terrace with views of London.
  7. Free public Wifi is available for visitors. Dedicated Exhibitor’s Wifi is also available.
  8. A number of branding opportunities for sponsors.
  9. We will use a preferred ticket partner who will help promote the event and provide access to their extensive database.
  10. Street food vendors and integrated serveries located in and throughout the venue.