The London Festival of Railway Modelling A-Z

Accident/Incident Procedure: All incidents involving injury or potential injury to persons or property occurring during the course of the event including build-up and break-down must be reported immediately to the Organisers. Full details must be supplied (date, time, location, nature of incident), with name(s) and address(es) of those involved including witnesses and first aiders. Photographic evidence must also be provided where available.

Accommodation: If you have not already booked accommodation or need to, call Infotel on 01775 841184.

Backing Boards: Do not assume that your stand has backing boards, please call Sarah if you have any queries on 01778 395024.

Badges: Exhibitor/layout/contractor badges for all personnel engaged in build-up, stand attendance, and breakdown of the exhibition is mandatory. If you should require passes for contractors, please contact the organisers. The purpose of these passes is to maximise security and to protect stock and valuable items, which are kept inside the hall especially during build-up and break-down of the event. Therefore it is in everybody’s interests to ensure that your staff and workforce are in possession of the appropriate pass/badge.

Vehicle Passes – will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Trade Passes – will be issued to you at the event along with your welcome pack.

Breakdown – Sunday: Following the close of the exhibition at 4.30pm and an announcement to commence breakdown has been given. Removal of exhibits and dismantling of displays may commence ONLY WHEN ALL VISITORS HAVE LEFT THE HALL. Please do not dismantle your stand or remove exhibits before this time, as this could affect future invitations. Those in the West Hall will breakdown utilising the loading bay in this hall.   All stands must be removed from both halls on Sunday evening by 7pm.  Please note our contract with the venue expires at 7.00pm on Sunday 22 March.  Should any traders be left on site after this time they may incur a £300 late clearance fee. Alexandra Palace have reviewed their health and safety policy. To comply to CDM and PPE regulations, all personnel will be required to wear hi-visibility vests during breakdown.

Build Up: Access to the Great Hall will be via the Loading Bay near the Organ or the Rose Window.  The West Hall, there is a loading bay where you will need to park your vehicle and walk your items in.  When you have unloaded your vehicle please can you then park it in the North Car Park so we can leave these areas clear.

Bus: There will be a bus running on a shuttle service between Alexandra Palace station, Wood Green Underground Station and the venue. This service will be free of charge and will run continuously commencing at 8.30am at the stations. The last bus will depart from the exhibition at 5.15pm both days.

Card Machines:  Signal is not very strong at Alexandra Palace, if you need to use one and want to purchase a phone line which will be supplied direct to your stand then you need to order this before the event from the venue on 020 8365 2121.

Cash Point: There is a cash machine positioned in Palm Court outside the Security Office.

Children: Under the Health and Safety Act, NO CHILDREN under the age of 16 years will be permitted on the premises during set-up or break down.  After this time they must be accompanied or supervised by a responsible adult whilst on the premises.

Completion of stands: Work must be completed in every respect and exhibits in position by 9.15am on the morning of the event. Exhibitor’s trolleys are not permitted in the hall after this time.

Demonstrations: If you are demonstrating you must inform the Organisers in writing and enclose a copy of your risk assessment and Public Liability Insurance.

Disabled Parking: There are dedicated accessible bays in the Grove Car Park (250 yard walk up a slight hill) and the East Car Park at the Ice Rink end of the building.
There is a drop off point outside the Palm Court Entrance via the west slip road where staff will assist with directions.

Electricity: If you book electricity, a socket will be provided within or near to each stand. You are required to bring adapters and extension leads as you will require to distribute from the socket these need to be PAT tested prior to arrival. ALL electrical appliances must be subjected to Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Labelling of appliances with date of inspection is necessary as verification of testing. Spot checks by the venues electricians will be carried out, equipment found not to be tested will be subject to a fee of £25 per item. Four way multi block extension leads of no more than 2 metres in length must be utilised. All extension leads MUST be uncoiled and fitted with appropriate fuses. Multiple plug adaptors are not permitted. The electrical contractor may ensure compliance with regulations. If you do not pre-book electricity please be aware that it may not be possible to order this at the event.  Late bookings will be subjected to a 50% surcharge.

Emergency Exits: It is important that the areas around all the emergency exits are kept clear and unobstructed at all times.

Emergency Procedures:  Fire points are sited around the exhibition hall. Please ensure that you are familiar with your nearest emergency exit and location of the fire points. If an emergency arises please leave by the nearest exit. Do not attempt to take anything with you. Do not attempt to return to the building until the all clear is given.

Emissions Zone: Alexandra Palace is within the London Low Emission Zone.  It will be the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that their vehicles comply with the rules.  Further details are available at the Tfl website:

Exhibition Stands:Please be aware that should any stands exceed their space, you will be asked to move within the area that you have purchased. Please do not extend your stands into the gaps between the stands, if you exceed your allocated stand space we reserve the right to raise an additional invoice at or after the exhibition and it may affect your invitation to future exhibitions. Please also be aware that nothing must be adhered to the floor in the halls.

Fire: If you discover a fire, raise the alarm immediately via the nearest break-glass or inform a member of staff or security

First Aid: A First Aider will be on duty during the show, if you require first aid assistance please come to the First Aid room or to the Information Office in Palm Court for help.

Furniture: Tables and chairs will be available, as requested. You will need to report to the Information Office as furniture will need to be signed out. If you have not pre-ordered these then please be aware that it may not be possible to order them at the event. Late bookings will be subjected to a 50 % surcharge.

Gangways: Must be kept clear at all times during show opening hours.

Information Office: (situated in Palm Court) Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday 9.30am–4.30pm

Insurance: We do hold general public liability insurance for the duration of the Show. No insurance cover is taken out for trade exhibitors, societies, clubs or preservation societies – your own arrangements must be made for these purposes. It is an insurance requirement that all electrical equipment must have been tested by a qualified electrician prior to the show.

Insurance of Layouts:  – Visiting Layouts and associated stock will be insured up to the value stated on your original application form to attend the event, unless we have been notified otherwise.  Cover includes setting up and dismantling of stands, transportation between home and the show, it does not include layouts whilst left in unattended vehicle(s) or mishandled by an operator.  Please be aware if you need to make a claim our insurance company will require before and after photographs and three repair quotes before any restoration work is carried out.  Please note there is a £1,000 excess on our policy which will not be covered, however subject to the insurance cover responding and the loss circumstances being reasonable/outside of your control we will look to cover the cost of this.  A list of items over a certain value may be required at a later date

Kettles: These are prohibited in the exhibition halls

Leaflets: It is prohibited to hand out leaflets on the door or in the aisles, however you can do this from you stand. Your co-operation is appreciated. Please ensure that any fixing agents used will not cause damage to exhibition hall – no bolts, tacks, pins etc. are allowed. Blue tack should be used in place of sticky tape.

Organisers’ Mobile and Emergency Number: Kathy McKenna- 07831 775450 , Sarah Hubbard – 07825 624816, Sam Porter 07966 297004.

Organisers’ Office: Please ensure if arriving on Friday you check in at the temporary Organisers Office under the Willis Organ in the main hall.  Souvenir show plan, badges, tablecloths and furniture will be issued from here. The Organisers’ Office will then move into Palm Court for the duration of the show.

Presentation: All stands should be complete, ready and staffed at least 30 minutes before the public opening times. Equally, we expect every stand to remain fully staffed for the entire duration of the exhibition. It is our aim to present the best possible image of the hobby to the public. Throughout the show please make every effort to assist in this aim, particularly by ensuring that your stand is clean, tidy and well presented, with your name and stand number clearly on display.

Refuse Collection: A black bag may be collected from the Information Office, if required. Please leave any rubbish in a black bag by your stand for collection after the show closes each evening.

Restaurant and Licensed Bar: available on site

Security: Will be provided throughout the weekend. Could all exhibitors please ensure that all items on stands and layouts are covered when you leave the exhibition hall (with your own cloths). It may be advisable, if possible, not to leave any extremely valuable items in the hall overnight.

Safer Lorry Scheme: The Safer Lorry Scheme came into force on September 1st 2015 and legally requires every vehicle in London weighing more than 3.5 tonnes to be fitted with:

  • Class V and Class VI mirrors that give drivers a better view of pedestrians and cyclists around their vehicles
  • Side guards to prevent cyclists being dragged under the wheels in the event of a collision

More details available from

Showguide: You will be able to collect your showguide upon arrival from the information point.

Societies may only sell items such as books, models, photographs, kits and jigs to which they have unique access or have been commissioned and are relevant to that society.

Stand Presentation – All stands must be presented in a neat and tidy order with good quality products in good condition packages where appropriate. All boxes must be neatly stacked and preferably away from the general public’s view. Any empty boxes should be removed from the stand until after the show.

Tablecloths: All table tops should be covered and we would ask you to use Festival of Railway Modelling tablecloths only. Can we please ask that you do not put these on the floor. We do try to keep them as clean as possible. Please bring your own cloths to cover your stand once set up as we cannot give extras for this (these must also be fireproofed). Tablecloths may be collected from the Information Office (one per table booked). Please ensure they are returned to the Information Office on Sunday after the show closes. Any tablecloths borrowed and not returned will be charged for at a cost of £35.00 each.

Trading: Please note that all products are to be sold from your stand. No items are to be sold from the aisles or on the floor.

Undercutting: As Organisers’ of the event we would request that traders do not enter into a price war by undercutting. This is not in the best interest of the show or the hobby.

Vehicles: are left at the owners risk. The organisers do not take any responsibility for any damage.

Vehicle Passes: Please ensure that all vehicles display a vehicle pass in the windscreen. These are for use by exhibitors, layouts and contractors to ensure that their vehicles can be brought up to the bays for the purpose of unloading and loading during the build-up and break down periods of the exhibition.

The Exhibition Department hope you have an enjoyable weekend at The London Festival of Railway Modelling. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of the Organisers.