The London Festival of Railway Modelling Setup

Alexandra Palace have reviewed their health and safety policy. To comply to CDM and PPE regulations, all personnel will be required to wear hi-visibility vests during set-up and breakdown.

Exhibitor Set Up:

Friday 18th March 12:00pm – 7.00pm

(NB. Shutters will be closed at 7.00pm)

Saturday 19th March 8:00am – 9:15am

Sunday 20th March 8:30am – 9:15am

(On arrival please check-in with the organisers and collect your Welcome Pack)


Sunday 20th March – Do not breakdown until you hear the tannoy announcement instructing breakdown to begin.

Those in the West Hall will breakdown utilising the loading bay in this hall.

All stands must be moved from both halls on Sunday 20th March by 7pm.

Please note our contract with the venue expires at 7:00pm on Sunday 20th March. Should any traders be left on site after this time they may incur a £300 late clearance fee

Loading/Unloading/Car Park:

Alexandra Palace no longer allow the movement of vehicles in the trade area during set up and breakdown.   You will now be asked to unload your vehicle from the top of The Great Hall, The West Hall Loading Bay or The Rose Window.  If you do not need to bring your vehicle in this close you can drive straight to The North Service Yard and load in using the lifts from the Car Park.

You will now be asked to unload your vehicle from one of the following points:

  1. Great Hall (near organ end only)
  2. Rose Window (3.5 tonne weight limit)
  3. West Hall loading Bay
  4. North Service yard (via lift)

For loading points 1 to 3 you will need to make your way to the loading slip road where a member of Alexandra Palace Team will direct you.

For loading point 4 – please head directly to the North Service Yard. click here for site plan

Once unloaded please park your vehicle in the North Service where it will be able to stay for the duration of the show, here you will be issued a Car Park pass which will need to be displayed in your window whilst on site.

If your stands falls withing the Rose Window (Red Zone), but you would like to drive your vehicle into the Green Zone, please let me know by return of this email so I can arrange this for you.  If you could also let me know if you would just like to go straight to the North Service Yard and trolly in form there too.  This will just make the process of checking in with the venue marshals quicker for you on the day.

At the end of the event and you have broken down your stand, please return to your vehicle and a Marshal will release it from the car park and direct you to your preferred loading bay.

Trading Times:

9.30am – 5pm Saturday

9.30am – 4.30pm Sunday


Alexandra Palace, London, N22 7AY

For up to date travel information please go to

Exhibitor Entrance:

Please see plan for loading bays

Be advised we open at 9.30am each day to allow early entry to pre-booked visitors.  Please have your stand ready and aisles clear, so we can open the event at this time.