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Please print off or read thoroughly the information attached to this page prior to attending the show.

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At Warner’s Dolls House and Miniatures Fairs it is one of our main concerns that the standard of the Fairs do not slip and that we offer the highest quality of workmanship in the miniature products available.  We also understand that there is a need for variety and in some cases there must be exceptions to the rules especially where the exhibitor’s stock falls into the category of raw material.  However, in endeavouring to maintain an event which continues to have high standards, we would ask you to ensure that your stand adheres to the following:-

All stands must consist of at least 80% original hand made goods unless the products on offer comprise of raw materials such as electrical goods, tools, modelling clay, fabrics etc. in which case this ruling does not apply.

The remaining 20% of your stand space can consist of products not hand made including imported items which are to a good standard.

Items which are not hand made but have been added to or altered in some way must have been SIGNIFICANTLY changed by a hand finish e.g. decorative painting/stencilling (this does not include stick on transfers), upholstered etc.    The act of copying or adapting someone else’s work is a restricted act.

Any displays must consist of 80% hand made items e.g. a hand made table could display items of food with plates being the only item not hand made.

We do not accept mass produced handmade items unless they have been dramatically changed.

All electrical equipment belonging to the Licensee or any person duly authorised by it or any person at the premises expressly or impliedly with its authority and brought onto the Premises must have been tested for electrical safety by a “competent qualified electrician” in accordance with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations1989 and HSE Guidance note GS50 (Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment) or any replacement thereof.

All stands must display the Warner’s stand number sign given to you at the Fairs.  We would request that you do ensure that your products adhere to the above as otherwise you may be asked to remove items which do not fall into the above categories.  Details of all saleable goods on your stand at Fairs must be included at time of booking and listed on your stand confirmation.

Please do not hesitate to ring Sarah Hubbard on 01778 395024.